The Resort

map of the Illicini Resort

Illicini is a fascinating resort on the Maratea coast, a terrace over the sea where you can enjoy the view on the Policastro Gulf. The resort gets its name from the tiny beach that is its core: “Illicini” or “I licini” (tiny holm oaks) which comes from the latin word “ilex” (holm oak), the dominating essence here.

The Lido and the Foresteria form the Illicini Resort which spans for over two hectares in a magnificent park with several spots where you can access pristine blue waters. The very characteristic black rocks of the Maratea coastline are like a shrine to the two tiny beaches of Illicini and Calavecchia.

The Park and the Beaches are equipped with sunshades and sunbeds for the clients of the Lido and of the Foresteria to enjoy the warm Italian sun or the shade of the holm oaks.

The Foresteria has first category rooms, to allow the clients of the resort to stay overnight and fully relax in this wonderful natural paradise.

Illicini has several facilities for your comfort such as a parking lot, a picnic area, a snack-bar, a restaurant, a pool, ping-pong tables, a playground and a changing table for babies.